Qu'est ce que vous apportent les chouchous lithothérapie ?

What do lithotherapy favorites bring you?

Lithotherapy scrunchies are handmade hair scrunchies accompanied by natural stone pendants held by a stainless steel chain. But what do they bring you? The biggest advantages of lithother...

bijoux lithothérapieLes vertus du quartz rose

The virtues of rose quartz

The mental and physical benefits of rose quartz

conseilsLes vertus de la lépidolite

The virtues of lepidolite

On a mental level: Due to its high concentration of lithium, lepidolite is indicated for people with anxiety or depression. It would dispel fears, anxieties and phobias. It helps with self-...

lithothérapieLes vertus de l'œil de taureau

The virtues of the bull's eye

On a mental level: It is an action stone which has the same properties as the tiger's eye but it will more particularly awaken the energy of the Root Chakra . It allows you to stay grounded...

ancrageLes vertus de l'œil de tigre

The virtues of tiger's eye

On a mental level: The tiger's eye acts like a mirror : it reflects negative energies towards its transmitter. It is therefore protective and makes an ill-intentioned person aware of the ha...

conseilsLes vertus de l'aventurine

The virtues of aventurine

On a mental level: It would bring inner tranquility and an anti-stress effect as well as facilitate meditation. It controls emotionality and nervousness. It would also promote self-ac...