The virtues of tiger's eye

Les vertus de l'œil de tigre

On a mental level:

  • The tiger's eye acts like a mirror : it reflects negative energies towards its transmitter.
  • It is therefore protective and makes an ill-intentioned person aware of the harm they are doing to those around them by inflicting it on them.
  • It also protects against spells cast on you.
  • By balancing the nervous system, it contributes to relaxation and promotes positive thoughts.
  • It also gives courage, especially in human relationships, which makes it easier to take the step towards others and to detach oneself from the opinions of others while providing a feeling of security .

On a physical level:

  • Linked to earth and stability , tiger's eye is said to be beneficial for joint problems that hinder walking and mobility.
  • It would promote alignment of the spine and help heal bone fractures.

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