What will be your favorite among the new products?

I rush !

LunaLibra values!

Recognized benefits

The benefits of fabric scrunchies are no longer in doubt. They reduce the risk of hair breakage and reduce marks during hairstyles. Silk scrunchies maintain the natural hydration of the hair and respect the hair fiber.

Pierre naturelle

At LunaLibra we hate counterfeits, that's why you will only find 100% natural stones!

Fait main

The scrunchies are hand sewn by me, by machine with manual finishing.
The fabrics with the “Motif by LunaLibra” badge are fabrics for which I designed the patterns myself!
You won't find them anywhere else!

The concept ?

Allow fans of lithotherapy to be able to wear their natural stones without wearing jewelry or simply to have a unique accessory never seen elsewhere!

Let yourself be pampered by lithotherapy!
A very original lithotherapy accessory to adopt urgently. Which one will be your favorite?



If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me through customer service.

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The lithotherapy scrunchies come from an idea that I had at my work in restaurants, in 2021.
Wearing jewelry was prohibited and I, who love lithotherapy and wanted to protect myself from negative energies, found myself without adequate solutions to wear my natural stone.

So that's when I had the idea of ​​putting the stone on the only authorized accessory, my scrunchie!
But that was just one idea among many. During this time I am finally recognized as disabled for my OCD, my numerous burn outs and a discomfort that I am trying to understand....

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