What do lithotherapy favorites bring you?

Qu'est ce que vous apportent les chouchous lithothérapie ?
Lithotherapy scrunchies are handmade hair scrunchies accompanied by natural stone pendants held by a stainless steel chain.

But what do they bring you?

The biggest advantages of lithotherapy scrunchies are that they allow you to wear your natural stone without wearing a natural stone necklace or lithotherapy bracelet.

If your job prevents you from wearing jewelry or you don't like it, lithotherapy hair scrunchies are perfect for that!

What do the natural stone attached to the hair scrunchies do for me?

If you are stressed, have headaches or even poor sleep, lithotherapy can give you a helping hand!
The stones contained in the scrunchies are natural and therefore have virtues for the body and mind thanks to their different chemical formulations which can have an influence on our energies.
By wearing your hair scrunchie every day you will be able to improve your well-being in addition to taking care of your hair thanks to fabrics rigorously chosen by a hairdresser.
Each natural stone has its virtues, which you can find in the “ lithotherapy ” category.

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