Lithotherapy is a practice that uses the virtues of stones and crystals with the aim of providing treatment.

Stones and crystals act on the physical and psychological level by rebalancing the vital functions of the body.

This “medicine” using stones is part of a holistic approach to the human body, inspired by the regulation of energies.

There are many physical and mental disorders that can be reduced by stones.

It is a boost for the body and mind but in no way replaces medical treatment.

But you don't need to be sick to benefit from the virtues of lithotherapy:

by acting on the chakras and energies, it helps stabilize the mental and physical plane.

Once a stone has transmitted its energy to you, it will need to be purified and recharged after a while so that it regains all its abilities.

Purification and recharging:

To avoid damaging your gold-plated jewelry, you can purify your stone by fumigation.
Using palo santo or a stick of rosemary that you burn, place your jewelry for a few seconds above the smoke.
Then to recharge your jewelry, you can place your favorite on a flower of life plate or in the light of the moon (even better if it's a full moon).
Be careful, amethyst does not like the sun and risks making it lose its color!