The virtues of labradorite

Les vertus de la labradorite

Labradorite is known for its calming and protective properties.

On a mental level:

Labradorite will protect you from the negative and malicious energies of people around you, especially if you tend to be empathetic.

It also helps hypersensitive people to better control their emotions.

If you don't like solitude, it can help you reconcile with your own company and listen to your needs through introspection.

Labradorite also helps eliminate negative thoughts and all your mental ruminations and through its general appeasement, gives you a clearer, more positive mind and ease of sleeping when you wear your favorite at night.

On a physical level:

Labradorite strengthens the immune system, stimulates blood circulation and contributes to healthy arteries.

It has a positive effect on all organs of the body such as soothing abdominal pain, easier digestion, reduction of migraines and headaches and it fights against bone disorders.

Acting as a shield for the body, it also allows you to regain energy, dynamism, will and a renewed breath and vitality when you are physically and mentally exhausted.


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