How to purify and recharge your natural stones?

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Have you ever felt like your stone was no longer working? Like it's out of battery? Yes?

Don't worry, I'll explain everything to you here!

How stone energy works

A stone communicates its vibrations and its energy to you and by using it regularly, like you even after a day of work, it ends up getting "dirty" and being "emptied" of energy.

She is there to work with you, with your energies, and gradually stores lots of polluting energies for herself.

It therefore needs to be “cleansed”, this is called purification.

After being cleansed, it must be recharged to allow it to reactivate and revitalize its energy to be sure that it can give you its full energetic potential.

Purification of a stone

There are several ways to purify a stone: with clear water, in coarse salt, or with incense.

Be careful, some stones cannot tolerate salt.

Given that the pendants of the lithotherapy scrunchies are set with gold-plated 925 silver, I only recommend incense which avoids damaging the setting.

For clear water:

Immerse your stones in the water of a clean stream for a few minutes and visualize the polluting energies leaving and that's it.

For the coarse salt:

Immerse the stone in a container filled with coarse salt for a few hours.

Then run it under water to clean it.

Although effective, please note that this technique remains a little aggressive for stones and is only reserved for stones that tolerate salt and have high energy pollution.

For the incense:

I basically recommend rosemary to purify stones.
Light your fagot or your incense, place the stone above the smoke for a few seconds while visualizing the polluting energies leaving.

Reloading a stone

There are many ways to recharge a stone:

  • with other crystals
  • with shungite
  • with dowsing or magnetism
  • in natural light
  • with shape waves

Personally I will favor the last two means: natural light and shape waves, which are simple and effective.

Natural light

Sun and moonlight are very effective in recharging your stones.

However, some stones risk discoloration due to the sun, so I have gotten into the habit of always placing my stones in the light of the moon to avoid any problems.

To do this: Place your stones or your favorite on a window sill, balcony, garden etc. under the rays of the moon.

If the sky is clear it will only take one night (be sure not to forget your stone when you get up in the morning) but if the sky is cloudy and covers the radiation too much, it may take several nights.

Shape waves

The flower of life plates are one of the form waves that emit positive energy. Not only will it recharge your stones and your favorites , but it will also diffuse its energy throughout your interior.

You simply have to place your favorite stones in the center of the plate for a few hours and your stones will be recharged.

The shape waves never need to be recharged, which makes the flower of life plate a perfect asset for recharging your stones.

As you will have understood, there are many different ways to purify and recharge your stones and it is important that you choose the way that suits you best!

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