LunaLibra in Here

Lovely discovery of LunaLibra, a boutique of lovely scrunchies on which lithotherapy pendants are attached! A very nice idea too, because the scrunchie day and night prevents hair breakage, and natural stones can soothe certain ailments (migraines, insomnia, etc.) and instill positive energy.

Amethysts, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, set with 925 silver or gold plated, fall delicately in the hair or on the nape of the neck for a hyper feminine hairstyle. The scrunchies are handmade in France in fabrics as pretty as they are soft (satin, velvet...) by Léa, the talented creator of LunaLibra, who likes to kindly share her passion for lithotherapy... and hairdressing! A very original lithotherapy accessory to adopt urgently. Which one will be your favorite?