The LunaLibra story

I am one of those people who constantly wants to have a stone on them to protect themselves from negative waves and to be more clear-minded.

Unfortunately I couldn't always wear jewelry because of my different jobs and I didn't find lithotherapy jewelry to my taste.

Having worked in hairdressing , I always loved doing pretty hairstyles with lots of different accessories .

That's why I decided to connect the two and create lithotherapy scrunchies with my own hands by adding lithotherapy pendants so I could benefit from their magic while having fun with my hairstyles!

However, I am aware that some people are not sensitive to stones or simply want a simple scrunchie, which is why pendants are an option to add to the scrunchie you want!

I created LunaLibra in 2022 out of a desire to put my years of professional experience in hairdressing at the service of people who care about their hair to allow them to simplify things on a daily basis.

LunaLibra scrunchies allow you to style your hair without damaging your hair and benefit from the powers of lithotherapy at the same time!

Thanks to the quality fabrics with which they are supplied, they encompass the hair to limit the aggressive friction of classic elastics and limit the appearance of split ends and hair breakage.

The pendants are made of natural stones , chosen from a quality supplier , and with stainless steel findings and chains which allow you to always have quality jewelry !

Thanks to professional advice , you will also be able to benefit from the experience of a hairdresser without going to a salon, for hairstyles that are always stylish!