The virtues of lapis lazuli

Les vertus du lapis-lazuli
Lapis lazuli is the stone of communication par excellence.

On a mental level:

Lapis lazuli makes it easier to communicate one's emotions.
If you are shy, it helps you express yourself without being afraid of being looked at by others.
It is a calming stone which brings fullness and inner peace and which encourages you to take control of your life.
It also helps you rediscover your joy of living and your creative spirit.

On a physical level:

Lapis lazuli also helps against headaches and worn as a scrunchie , the action is all the more beneficial.
For insomniacs, wear at night, it will help you have a deep and restful sleep.
This stone also brings many benefits to the ENT sphere, the nervous system and breathing.
Lapis lazuli helps the proper functioning of the eyes and therefore helps even more with headaches caused by visual fatigue.
It soothes pain linked to the menstrual cycle, regulates the digestive system and has a positive effect on the kidneys and bladder.
It also contributes to the good health of muscles and bones.

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