The worst mistakes for your hair!

Les pires erreurs pour tes cheveux !

Do you tend to tie your hair with ultra-tight elastics every day, and leave it completely free at night?

This is the worst thing for your hair!

I noticed this myself a few years ago and this is what it came up with:

At the time I was already making fabric scrunchies which unfortunately I used very rarely.

I took the test and in 3 months my hair was transformed!

Why did all this happen? I'll explain that to you!

Why are scrunchies better than rubber bands?

The elastics, through simple constant pressure in one place and their rigidity, will compress the hair and create a lot of friction.

Let's take example: If you leave your elastic tight on your wrist all day you will have pain, it will create a mark and if you repeat the operation every day you could even be irritated.

It’s the same on your hair!

The constant pressure will crush the hair, create marks (we have to admit, it annoys us all!) and the rigidity of the elastic + the regularity will end up breaking the hair and creating split ends.

Why LunaLibra darlings then?

Lunalibra scrunchies are made from different hair-friendly fabrics.

The fabric which surrounds the elastic inside will protect the hair from its rigidity and distribute the pressure of the attachment over a larger surface area of ​​hair, which will limit marks and breakage.

The soft fabric will rub, of course, but its softness will not create split ends.

In addition to that, with satin scrunchies ( star, nova and star ), which is the most suitable fabric for hair with silk, you will take even better care of them days and nights!

Why tie them up at night?

Hair that comes loose during the night will rub against the pillow and become tangled.

They will therefore potentially already break during the night and find themselves completely tangled.

The next day you will have to untangle them and spend a little time on them because the night will have done this damage!

What will happen at this point is that during detangling you will inevitably damage your hair but above all break it even more due to repeating the process every day!

By tying your hair with LunaLibra lithotherapy scrunchies , you will keep your hair in place, preventing it from getting tangled and limiting friction and breakage during the night.

You will have less trouble detangling them the next day and will avoid breaking them even more with the brush!

Your hair will be healthier only with these simple little habits!

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